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ILLYRIA,once a prosperous province of the Roman Empire is ripe for discovery. It is bordered by the Adriatic and Ionian seas on the west and southwest,and by Yugoslavia and Greece in the northeast and southeast.The land is majestic with rugged terrain, and a fierce, independent people who share a dual culture, one Moslem, one Christian. More than two-thirds are of Moslem belief; less than one-third are of the Christian faith by virtue of conquering tribes of the last thousand years. Note, once the land of the Byzantine kings until the Ottoman conquests of the 15th century in 1468, which lasted until the early years of the 20th century with the First Balkan War, and after the expulsion of Turkey in 1912, at which point ALBANIA declared its independence.It became a battleground during the First World War, in despite its status of neutrality. Apparently, it was not honored. But from 1925 to 1939, ALBANIA became the fiefdom of Ahmed Zogu, a local tribal leader who forced his way into a position of power, and who proclaimed ALBANIA as a monarchy until Italy’s invasion in 1939 which forced his exile. During the Second World War ALBANIA, once again posted a position of neutrality but was invaded by the Nazi regime making it a puppet state for the Axis until 1944 when Enver Hoxha, another tribal leader took control of ALBANIA under the Communist flag until his downfall in 1985. In 1986, his successor, Ramiz Alia,a more moderate politician began to introduce multi-party reforms for the first time. In 1991 a coalition government was set up at which point all bans on religion, foreign travel and economic investment were lifted and a new democratic constitution was adopted. Today, ALBANIA is rested on a democratic rule of law. The country is now ” open for business.”

ALBANIA today is being acclaimed as a best bet for Tour & Travel, Sports, the Arts, its native Cuisine, fine Wines, Theatre, Education, and Medicine. Along with numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites,its inexpensive lodging facilities, transportation and a hospitable people throughout, ALBANIA is worth considering for your next trip abroad. Please listen to our July Podcast to learn more. The show features leading personalities from ALBANIA now residing in the U.S. These include Angjelina Nika, Dancer and Choreographer; Almira Bubesi,Teacher and Instructor, Architecture and Fashion Design; Kreshnik Zhabjaku, Opera and Classical Music performer; Elvira,Albania Tour & Travel; Ramiz Kukaj, Chef-Owner, Cka Ka Quellu restaurant, NY, and Sharon King Hoge, award winning columnist and travel editor, Conde Nast Traveler, Cottages and Gardens,Huffington Post and New York Daily News.

Michael Zufolo, reporting



Michael Zufolo,Editor  reporting.


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