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NEPAL is a magical kingdom, albeit a Federal Democratic Republic in 2019. In size,it measures less than 60,000 sq.mi., but with an expanding population of over 25 million. It is diversified and spiritual in tone and is a harbor for sports adventurers from all parts of the globe and a site-seeers paradise,with art and antique collectors of every stripe in an open-air natural environment. It is accessible by major carriers from N.A., Europe and Asia on a daily basis. NEPAL is a discovery on its own with many festivals, religious celebrations, and special events throughout the year. The capital is Kathmandu with the largest population at over 1 million and Hindu and Buddhism are the religions of choice with a following of over 1 billion. It is a 4-seasons destination.

NEPAL is for nature lovers! It has 12 national parks, a wildlife and a hunting reserve including six conservation areas and13 buffer zones which equate to nearly one-quarter of the country’s land mass. Their are dozens of animal species throughout the three primary zones that make up the country, many of them exclusive to the Himalayan region and over 800 species of birds.For the adventurer it has no equal. Activities include Canyoning, Elephant Polo, the Everest and Annapurna Marathons, Everest Sky Diving, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, Water Rafting, Kayaking, Bird Watching, Bungee Jumping, Mountaineering, Trekking, and Flying.TIMS is the safety net org that supports many of these activities. Contact: 01-443003,01-4440920/

There are nine mountain peaks over 8,000′ and 27 peaks for climbing and touring, all under the supervision of the Nepal Mountaineering Association.There are two Heritage Sites, Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha ( Everest ) National Park where the highest peak, Mt.Everest, stands at over 29,000′, the world’s highest and two Cultural Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley which is made up of seven quarters that link to the capital, and Lumbini, the city of the birth of The Budda. now the home of the Lumbini International Research Institute which includes the Friendship Bridge, the Thai Monastery,the Nepal Vipasana Center, the Sacred Garden, and an array of sacred sites, this the vision of former Secretary of the United Nations,U Thank upon his visit in 1956.Transport is primarily by foot, motorbike, or caravan. There are over 120 star hotels in NEPAL as well an assortment of Air B&B types to choose from,

NEPAL is art centric. Throughout the year you’ll find a variety of festivals, both religious and contemporary. Perhaps the best known is the Mithila Arts & Culture festival in the region of Mithila, the geographical and cultural region located in the southeast plains of NEPAL and Bihar and Jharkhand states of India. It is best represented by the temple of Janaki Mandr, NEPAL’s biggest, built in 1898 in the classical style, and is located in the city of Janakpurdham. It is a center for religious and cultural tourism that celebrates the artistic aspirations of the people in the region. Their paintings reflect aesthetic tastes, religious values, love of nature. feminine beauty, divinity and the panoramic viewpoints of society in general.
( The Mithila Arts & Cultural Festival is celebrated in New York in 2019.This year it was presented at the UN, April 8-12. It’s official location is in Jackson Hgts, NY 11372/ Ph: 347-863. 6058/ 423-631.2079. And on Sunday May 19 the annual NEPAL Day celebration takes place, also in New York ).

Note also that NEPAL hosts numerous religious retreats, and yoga campsites that espouse harmony, balance, enlightenment and spirituality, and the social, physical and moral relationship among people and animals.

For more on NEPAL contact the Nepal Tourist Board: E-mail: Or call direct: +977-1 4256909

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