Montreal Jazz Fest Blog

Montreal Jazz Fest Blog

Montreal’s annual tribute to Jazz is the world’s largest venue in jazz. Now in its 37th year, a total of over 1000 concerts and special events were set in nearly 20 concert halls and open sites had been arranged, with 2/3 of them listed as free-of-charge. More than 2 million visitors were counted in this 11-day musical marathon located in the city’s Spectacle, 760,000 sq’ o space on Rue San Catherine between Rue Bleury and Rue San Laurent in the city’s downtown area.
This 11-day event ran from June 29-to-July 9, from 11AM to Midnight non-stop, every day and without exception. With over 3000 artists there was music everywhere. The city was alive and bustling. There were also over 50 pit-stops for food and drinks to accommodate this huge crowd alongside some of the best restaurants in Montreal which, in fact, has the largest number of restaurants in N.A. after New York City. Clean, and neat, the festival was clouted with knowledgeable tour guides who could answer almost anything you had in mind. The atmosphere, to boot, was free, open and reliable. It was the place to be. More than that we found the streets
well maintained and clutter-free for the most part. In our opinion the sightlines in the festival were good, and the acoustics better than average, We also found an air of hospitality by the locals wherever we went. This was comforting to us as we hadn’t visited the city in years.

So if
you’re a Jazz fan this is the world’s center stage, Major brands like Rio Tinto, Bell Canada, TD Bank, Heineken were the major sponsors as far as we could see. As for lodging, the city had plenty to offer families, young adults and high flyers were all welcome. There was room for any class of service you might say. The main air carriers, American, Delta, United,, all fly here. The city’s Metro is fast and dependable, from 6AM to 1AM seven days-a-week. And buses are everywhere on the main streets of the city For sightseeing the city has a lot to offer. Don’t miss out on Cirque du Soleil while you there. They’re located on Pier 1in the Vieux Carre, the old city, a short ride or walk from the city’s center. There’s also the Basilica of Notre Dame at 110 rue Notre-Dame across the Montreal’s first national bank. The Bank of Montreal is an historic world-class site, and City Hall is a beautifully restored government complex across from the
Governor’s Mansion on 275 Rue Notre Dame Est. And if you have the time take in the Sunday Jazz Mass at 11AM at the Eglise du Gesu, a 150 year Catholic Church at 1202 rue de Bleury, a
half-block from rue San Catherine, in the heart of the Spectacle area: Per
Daniel LeBlanc, the pastor there will greet you with open arms. You can tell him we recommended the program which lasts no more than one hour and with a nice sounding trio performing.

> For more on Montreal’s annual JazzFest MontrealJazzFest MontJazzFest OR try us at Let’s Travel! Radio! com:

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Michael has been an active player in Media Relations and Marketing for the past 30 years with stints at The New York Times, Forbes, WOR Radio, TV Channel 11, Attenzione Magazine,, and with participation in the Caribbean Tourism Org.,/ CTO, the Pacific Travel Assn./ PATA, the Foreign Press Assn./ FPA, and the International Society of Travel Writers/ ISTR. Libra/ America, his latest signature, provides travel opportunities to VIP travelers and groups world-wide. Let’s Travel! Radio is an extension of his experiences.

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Hornblower blows ‘em away!

Thurs., July 4 aboard the Hornblower Esprit, celebrating Macy’s 4th, the nation’s 233rd Independence Day anniversary. What a night!

Hornblower Yachts owns up to having the largest number of luxury vessels in eight U.S. cities, including New York. The company has seven here ranging from the largest, the Infinity, at over 200’, accommodating up to 700, to the smallest, the Esprit, at 90’ , accommodating 80-100. Cruises are set lunch/ brunch and dinner, for a coterie of special events and private parties, corporate meetings, and weddings, of course! They serve both sit-down and buffet menus.. They also do After 5 cocktail cruises, and a host of charitable events. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, Ca. It’s now in its 40th year.

On the night we were on, the 4th, we were seated on the Sky Deck of the Esprit, a restored beauty. There were only seven tables on this top deck facing out and with a nicely appointed bar in front of us manned by Nicholas, a really talented barkeep, and with some soft jazz by DJ Mike, which later turned to Pop, Latin, Disc and Rock for or dancing pleasure. Gabriel was our Maitre’d and Oscar was our chef for the evening. Boy can this guy cook! Dinner started off with a plate of Blinis with Caviar, followed by a nice medley of Little Neck clams and oysters on the ½ shell, with a sampling of jumbo shrimp in the best salsa I’ve ever tasted ( I asked for a second. My apologies ). This was followed by a full serving of Agnolotti served Italian style over freshly baked cherry tomatoes and a very fresh salad of lettuce, celery, cucumber and more cherry tomatoes. The entrée: Lobster and Filet Mignon with a crab filling topped with a wild mushroom sauce. A bottle of Chandon white was offered to each guest complimentary. Ha! You can’t beat that! As for dessert, a chilled freshly baked apple strudel and chocolate dipped strawberries was the finale, with good coffee and an assortment of blended teas for the asking. And, yes, the bar was open for the entire 3 ½ hours we were on board. By the way, the company provides translaters for Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Korean, French, German and Italian guests.

The yachts ail from Pier 15/ 75 South St. adjoining the South St. Seaport and Pier 40 on the West Side/ W. Houston St. and the Hudson River, from March thru-November with 10 daily departures, 7 days-a-week.

In New York they operate the Statue Cruises affiliate to both Ellis Island and Liberty Island State Park from the Battery Park Terminal on the Manhattan side, along with a Liberty Water Taxi service. They also serve the Metro New York area with a round-the-clock ferry service, the city’s first commuter ferry operation to points in Manhattan, Bklyn and Queens. In brief, the company is the world’s leading provider of high-speed ferry services. For more on Hornblower try: or 1-844TKTS, or phone 646-780.9693 or simply:



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The Blue Dahlia at Chelsea Market in NYC

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