Author: Susan Raphael, Traveler Extrodinaire/ Executive Producer/Co-Host

11/01/2018 Discover LUXEMBOURG

Discover LUXEMBOUG features some of Europe’s most iconic/ historical sites. The City of Luxemboug’s fortifications and historical quarter itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site ( 1994 ). Founded in 963 in the reign of Count Sigefroi, it became a Grand Duchy in 1815, an independent state in 1839, and a European City of Culture in 1995. It is labeled a Parliamentary Democracy under the auspices of a Constitutional Monarchy headed up by the office of the Prime Minister and his cabinet. Romain Schwartz Accounts Management, Luxembourg’s Dept. of Tourism including the Luxembourg Card. since 1991. Romain also serves as...

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08/01/2018 California Two Ways

Todd von Hoffman in front of one of the famous Venice, CA murals painted by Rip Cronk First, Susi interviews Todd von Hoffman, the unofficial mayor of Venice, founded in 1905 by Abbot Kinney as a cross between Coney Island and Greenwich Village, on the changes there that have occurred in recent years and the proposed Venice history museum. Back in the studio, Susi talks to Patrice Samara, Schin Narode and Dori di Carlo about the Survive and Thrive Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs being held this year in Malibu. Todd von Hoffman Todd von Hoffman came West from New...

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09/01/2017 Jazz Interlude

(left to right) Will Glass, Susi Raphael, George Saenz, The Blue Dahalia, Arthur Baron and Ariana Hellerman. Susi’s in a “jazzy mood” for the September Let’s Travel! show. She met her guests, all from the world of jazz, at the 25th Anniversary of the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival in NYC: Arthur Baron, a trombonist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Ariana Hellerman, creator of Ariana’s List a blog on free cultural events in NYC, Will Glass, a musician’s advocate and program manager at the Jazz Foundation of America and The Blue Dahalia, a singer, musician and composer. And we even have some live...

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08/01/2017 Boston Revisited

BOSTON REVISITED, LTR!’s August showcase notes a number of unique destinations in the City of Boston. Include Boston Transit/ MBTA, the country’s oldest from 1997 and the Boston Public Library, the country’s first publicly sponsored public library.There’s also Fenway Park, the country’s oldest original ballpark and the country’s oldest family owned Yankee restaurant, Durgin Park. Add Old North Church, Boston’s oldest surving church,the start point of the famous Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and Boston Commons, the first public park in the nation. Listen to LTR! ‘s August showcase for more. Patricia Reyes General Manager, Durgin-Park restaurant General Manager, Durgin-Park restaurant,...

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06/01/2017 The Art of Travel

Photo: Recording “The Art of Travel”at the Let’s Travel! studio in NYC. From left to right: Neme Alperstein, Susi Raphael, Patrice Samara, Margrit Newman This month Susi explores the world of travel — on our planet and beyond — through the eyes of an artist, a documentary filmmaker and a teacher. Patrice Samara Patrice Samara is president of Triumph Communications Group, Inc., a Strategic Consulting, Communications, Global Events, Media Production, Publishing & Market Representation organization and COO of Wordeee, a publisher. She is an Emmy award-winning documentary producer and lifelong entrepreneur. Samara is an inveterate travel junkie and foodie. Website:...

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An interview with Mr.and Mrs. Gaul of Gaul’s Legacy Tours in Luxembourg.


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