Provence & The City of Marseilles

2013 is the year for Marseilles, designated by the European Union as the Capital City of Culture. It’s known for its renowned sea-food cuisine, its old port, and its new face. Come discover with us this ancient city with its international harbor, storied architecture and clouded history. Celebrations are year-long with three Episodes over 12 months designed to entertain you with Art, Theater, Music & Dance. “Marseilles Provence welcomes the world,” and “Marseilles Provence under the open skies,” and “Marseilles Provence, a Thousand Faces” are the productions scheduled this year. New museums, old world churches and cathedrals, and folkloric themes await you.

Marseilles is open for discovery, an easy hub by major air carriers, and by TGV fast train, and by car.

Of course, the region of Provence itself is well noted for its classic beauty, world heritage sites with farmers markets everywhere, and long on customs and traditions. The Rhone River is its main artery leading out to the Mediterranean Sea. Rich, verdant, this is a land of fine wines where Pastis, Anise and Absinthe are openly served along with its noble cuisine and where the Impressionist school first held court in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Find Cezanne, Picasso and Matisse, the father of Modern Art in some of the best museums in France here. It’s also where film was first made into a global art form. Perfume, fashion, and every color in the rainbow are also found here.
Parks are grand in Provence. So are their popular dishes.
Bouillabaisse, Daube, Escabeche, Fougasse, Ratatouille, Tarte Tropezienne are all home based here. So too are their Herbs de Provence and their Soupes au Pistou. These go well with their Cassis and Bandol labels by the bottle or glass anytime of day or night.Try some when you’re there or learn about them on our show this Friday, the 24th through June 15.

Provence will give you a romantic sidebar on European history,
from the ancient Romans and Greeks, through the Middle Ages and the wars of the royals, of the Church, and with a footprint into the emerging era of democracy. Provence is history come alive and celebrated. It’s where Europe found itself in the age of Arts and Letters. There’s a lot more. Try in the U.S. for this.

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