October’s showcase: Films Around The World as presented by a number of film buffs from a number of different countries suggests the major impact that Motion Pictures and in general Media Entertainment has had world-wide. According to the Motion Pictures Association of America/ MCAA over 50,000 feature films were produced in 2013. The U.S. and Canada alone generated over $3 bn in revenues with 1.34 million tickets sold at the box office.
This coupled with revenues from general entertainment outlets
generated over $31 bn in 2013. World-Wide this figure is $88 bn.
Moreover, the number of movie screen exceeded 134,000 in 2013. Outside the U.S.CHINA now is the no.1 market for feature films in the Asia-Pacific rim. with $1.74 bn in revenues. While the U.S. produced 520 feature film in 2013,Japan 418, India produced 1,325, making it the world leader.

Side Bar: 78 countries applied to the 86th Academy Awards in 2013. Nine foreign films were nominated.
Figures for each of these nations have been recorded by the U.S. Bureau of Census.

The October showcase: Films Around The World will provide our listeners with an overall understanding of the position of Motion Picture on the world market. You’ll hear about it on many of the PRX stations in the U.S. and Canada starting the week of Oct.20″
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