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ICELAND is a magical place. At least 8 major airlines fly there, three from the U.S.
A Nordic nation and part of the Scandinavian union, ICELAND
is defined by its volcanic landscape, abundant geysers, numerous hot springs, spectacular waterfalls, glaciers and sandy black beaches in different parts of the country. It’s a sportsman paradise for adventurous tourists. For them there’s miles of hiking trails, ski touring, mountaineering, ice climbing, river rafting,whale watching and more. A lot to see and a lot to do.Thermal baths, saunas and spas are everywhere.

Places to visit:

The Blue Lagoon. Multi-colored mountains. rambling lava flows, clear blue lakes make this region a must see. Include some of the most visited national parks in the country;Skaftafell,Svinafell,Svinafellsjokull and Pingvellir, for example.Mild weather and cool summers make the visit enjoyable.

Nature, Music and Arts

Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis: Wherever you go look up. This natural display is a phenomenon like no other, and is one of the reasons visitors from all over the world to ICELAND.The Winter months i
are best suited for this experience.

Dark Music Days: This annual festival happens in the Winter months of January-February and March. You’ll find a cadre of world-class international artists performing.Organized by the Society of Icelandic composers at Harpa, it’s ICELAND’s most popular music venue in Reykjavik, the nation’s capital.

Eurosonic 2016: In January this year. It’s a four-day showcase for
emerging musical artists from a host of Scandinavian countries in the Medieval town of Groningen.

Food & Drink: Your choice! But seafood reigns supreme here. Whether it’s whale, harofisku or cod, shark or skate or shark, you’ll find the largest variety of seafood this nation has to offer But if you’re a carnivore there’s enough dishes to keep you satisfied.Smoke lamb or hangikjot is an alternate, so is svio or singed sheep’s head and slatur or smoked sausage. For street food sold by vendors throughout the major cities and towns there’s pyisa or hot dog. It’s available everywhere. Served with fresh or fried onions, mustard and remoulade. Try it with the cleanest bottled water on the planet, or beer.Local brands include Egils,Lite,Gull,Pilsner,El Grillo, and Vifillell.
There’s also skyr, a locally made yogurt. It can be had in both the natural and flavored varieties. Of course in ICELAND vegetarian cuisine is also available.In brief,there’s enough to choose from for everyone.

People: ICELAND has the highest divorce rate in Europe, the highest birth rate as well as the highest number of women working. Yet it is classified as the “best country in the world to live in.” According to the UNDP, in terms of wealth, health and education. it excels all others. According to the GUARDIAN, in 2006, Icelanders were labeled “the happiest people on earth.”

In brief, ICELAND has become a destination of choice for vacationers
and adventurists on both sides of Atlantic.

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