By Lauren Looft

There are two ways to experience FIJI: as a resort-goer, and a backpacker.  As a college kid, my adventures in Fiji were most assuredly of the backpacking type.  So if you’re looking for beautiful scenery, interesting natives, and A LOT OF SUN, while also saving some money, join a FIJI ADVENTURE TOUR of the Yasawa Islands!

My travel partner and I stayed in SMUGGLER’S COVE the very first night in Fiji, which had some great evening entertainment.  It’s also a great place to meet people who may be on your tour the next morning!  Our particular tour package of the YASAWA ISLANDS was called A LAZY THREESOME, as we relaxed on three different islands over the course of six days!

The four hour catamaran ride took us on an excellent tour of the Yasawas, the lush volcanic islands that make up the Western part of Fiji.  We arrived to our first island destination, CORAL VIEW ISLAND, where we were greeted by the natives with fresh orange juice and welcoming songs.  The rest of the day was a relaxing mix of exploring the small paradise and reading in one of the many hammocks strewn about the island.

Day two of the adventure offered different excursions such as snorkeling or cave diving.  We personally decided to visit the SAWAILAU CAVES, a beautiful cave system just waiting to be explored.

On days three and four, we traveled to KOROVOU ISLAND, where we ran into a group of people we had met in Smuggler’s Cove.  You never know who you might run into in Fiji!  Korovou is a gorgeous island that offers snorkeling, fishing, and even kayaking.  We were greeted by a big “BULA” welcome ceremony and good food.  Sleep in, chill by the pool, and enjoy the fire dancing at night!

On day five we arrived at SOUTH SEA ISLAND, a small but absolutely stunning piece of land.  And by small, I mean small.  You can see the other side of the island from the shore, and it takes a grand total of three minutes to walk around it.  Really one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been!  Not to mention the hospitality was excellent, as well as the crab racing and limbo games! Also, if you are craving a massage after a few days of traveling, South Sea is the place to get it!

For visitors who upgraded to the FULL MONTY package, they can enjoy a thrilling SEASPRAY SAILING ADVENTURE on day six.  On this full-day excursion, passengers enjoy even more beautiful scenery, as well as snorkeling on the island where Tom Hanks’ “Castaway” was filmed, and participating in a KAVA CEREMONY with the natives during a village visit.  Before departing the village, make sure to stop by the SHELL MARKET where people in the community make original pieces of jewelry and art.  Finish the sailing day with some refreshments and a nap in the sun.

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