Discover MALTA & Valletta, EU’s 2018 Capital City of Culture

Discover MALTA & Valletta, EU’s 2018 Capital City of Culture

Let’sTravelRadio!, March 2018

Valletta, EU’s 2018 Capital City of Culture,is the capital of MALTA, the southernmost capital of Europe and the second southernmost capital of the European Union after Nicosia.It is complimented by unique architectural sites/ UNESCO and is a dynamic in classical antiquity. A number of Megalithic structures, i.e., the Ggantija Temples in Malta are considered the oldest-free standing monuments in the world predating Egypt’s pyramids at Giza by over 1,000 years.The temples of Hagar Quim, Mnajdra and Tarxien are labeled architectural masterpieces. The Hal Saflient Hypogeum, a rock-cut underground complex of burial sites created between 2500 B.C.and 3600 B.C. is considered an historical treasure.

Malta with two its smaller sister islands make up the national boundary with a total population of less than 500,00. It is, however, froth with centuries of history and conquest, with takeovers from the ancient mariners, the Phoenicians, and the Carthaginians; Greece and Rome, the Arab and Norman invaders, Sicily, Spain, the Knights of St. John, the French, and in the modern age, Great Britain. Malta became independent from the latter in 1964 and a republic in 1974. The government model is Unitary Parliamentary. The official languages are Maltese and English. The official state religion is Roman Catholic; however, religious tolerance is particularly expressed by its constitution.

In 2018 the City of Valletta celebrates its artistic heritage. According to the European Union there will be more than 1000 local artists presenting their works with over 140 projects planned. 400 public events have been mapped out thus far. In addition the city expects to attract artists from all parts of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 200 artists from Egypt, Syria, Tunisia,Jordan and Lebanon have already committed to participate in the year-long celebration.Under wraps is the new museum, Museum of National Arts ( Muza ) and the transformation of the centuries old indoor market ( Is-Sug-tal Belt ) for the general public’s use, to open in 2018-19. Assisting in the development is the Valletta 2018 Foundation, a national
company. On the Tour & Travel side go to VISIT for info.

Malta and the City of Valletta are know for food, fashion, music and art.
Major celebrations include the Festival of St. George, the island’s patron saint, Carnivale, the days before the Christian season of Lent ( Ash Wednesday )where lavish parties, fancy balls, grotesque competitions lavish all0nigh parties, a ticker-tape parade presided over by King Carnival take place.Include the feast of the Illumination with torches and bonfires in June, the Mnarja festival where religion, food and music comingle primarily at the Cathedral of St.paul, in Mdina, the Isle of MTV music festival , the International Fireworks Festival in April, and many of the religious holidays on the Maltese calendar.

The citizens of Malta have been ascribed as the most generous in Europe
by the Charity Aids Foundation who noted that over 80% contribute regularly to charity. No wonder they’re among the most hospitable people
on the world map.

In conclusion, Malta and the capital city of Valletta are world class
venues for the sophisticated traveler and for peoples of all strips who enjoy a classical rhythm in modern dress. They’re worth experiencing!

For more on MALTA and Valletta go to VISIT

Michael Zufolo
Ed.,LTR! Radio reporting, 2/28/18

Credits: Photo by Artur Roman from Pexels

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