10/09/2017 Discover Hungary

DISCOVER HUNGARY offers an in-site into one of the most battled countries in Europe.
Invaded by the Magyars in 895 AD, consolidated under King Stephen I in 1000, pillaged by the Mongols in 1241, divided by the Turks in 1526, it fell under the Austro-Hungarian empire in the 19th century only to declare its Independence in 1989 after five centuries of strife, war, and conquest. Today it boasts a thriving economy and is a bastion of creativity in the arts and sciences.

Athena Bochanis

Athena Bochanis

Pres. & CEO, PALINKERIE Fine Hungarian Imports

Athena is an Academic, and award winning Importer Distributor of top shelf Hungarian wines liquors served in NYC’s 4 and 5-star restaurants and in many parts of the U.S. The company is now in its fourth year.


Nikolett Pankovits

Nikolett Pankovits

Hungarian Jazz Vocalist, molds traditional Hungarian songs and American standards

Nikolett Studied in Hungary and U.S. MAGIA is her first album, a personal selection with Latin-American overtones produced with her accompanist Juancho Herrera, guitar/ singer performer. Nikolett was recently featured in NY at JOE’S PUB.


Adam Boncz
Hungarian Actor, Producer. Ensemble member of the SZEGED National Theatre Co. Studied at the
LEE STRASBERG Theatre & Film Institute, New York. Acted & produced Fatelessness, based on the text by Imre kertest-Hungarian Noble Prize winner. Presently residing in the U.S.


Ildiko Nagy
Operations Manager & Managing Dir., HUNGARIAN HOUSE of New York, and Artistic Dir. DELIBAB Folk Dance Group, New York. Ildiko is a folk trainer, dancer and musician. She orchestrates social and cultural programs from her NYC base for both the Hungarian and American community.


Andras Revesz
Andras is PROTRAVEL INTERNATIONAL’s Travel Planner for Eastern Europe. Located in NYC,
he has developed specialized tours to HUNGARY and the adjoining countries. His favorite
destination is Budapest, the capital city. Andy Pesky, his associate at PTI partner in programs to the region.


Shameeka Leacock
Manager, Scholarships and Diversity Programs. Shameeka’s  experience includes travel arrangements for student groups and study programs for AFS-USA, working with community-based organizations in the US and countries abroad. The organization has had over 70 years of activity in promoting cultural programs in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa to junior and senior high school students from the U.S.


About The Author

Michael Zufolo, Producer/Co-Host of Let's Travel! Radio

Michael has been an active player in Media Relations and Marketing for the past 30 years with stints at The New York Times, Forbes, WOR Radio, TV Channel 11, Attenzione Magazine, et.al., and with participation in the Caribbean Tourism Org.,/ CTO, the Pacific Travel Assn./ PATA, the Foreign Press Assn./ FPA, and the International Society of Travel Writers/ ISTR. Libra/ America, his latest signature, provides travel opportunities to VIP travelers and groups world-wide. Let’s Travel! Radio is an extension of his experiences.

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