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Author: Michael Zufolo, Producer/Co-Host of Let's Travel! Radio

Happy Birthday Let's Travel!

Yes, Let’s Travel! is entering the “terrible twos” as we celebrate our second birthday on this week’s show, April 2 at Noon-1pm (ET/US). Guests who have been on the show this year will regale us with their travels since then and after cake and wine. This new year will be one of great “cyber” growth. Now, with the blog and Facebook, soon perhaps we’ll be Tweeting and Ninging. And partnerships to bring listeners and viewers more ways to “travel” with us. Ciao,...

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Back from Palm Beach!

Just back from some R&R in Palm Beach where I stayed with our friends Jaye, an artist, and Perry, a former publisher and broadcaster. Perry, the grand-nephew of the great financier and friend of Franklin Roosevelt, Bernard Baruch, has been coming to PB for over seventy years. As a teenager with a beautiful society mother, Amalia, and a Rolls-Royce, Perry was wined and dined by all the debutantes and their mothers. As he said: “If you were a guy, had a tuxedo and you knew how to dance, you were in.” Perry is still very much a ladies man, debonair, charming, and very complimentary — a true gentleman. Me, I hightailed it to the beach to soak up the rays, listen to the ocean and just BE. I did visit the famous Worth Avenue –- think NY Madison Avenue, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive – where, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon I the height of “the season” – the stores were empty.  More fallout from the Madoff Ponzi scheme.  He certainly cut a wide swath through PB.  The good news bargains abound, and Perry, who loves to shop with women and has a good eye for fashion –  convinced me to buy a “nouveau” flapper dress at BCBG – just in time for my friend, Donna’s, son’s wedding next week. GREAT NEWS on the home front! Now visitors to our site can...

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Survive and Thrive Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp (

October 26-28, 2018
Malibu, California

Survive and Thrive Today is a community that supports entrepreneurs through action, shared resources, information, connections and opportunities to assist them as they strive for success. Different from other conferences, the Survive and Thrive Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp encourages entrepreneurs to replace their sports jackets and dress shoes with t-shirts and sneakers for a weekend of work, connections and adventure with influential and successful business leaders, accredited investors, and future leaders. It’s an intimate (only 300 people) 3-day immersive event where entrepreneurs can get the knowledge they seek, the resources they lack and the partnerships they need, to create a winning formula to elevate their game for peak success.

The Blue Dahlia at Chelsea Market in NYC


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