11/01/2018 Discover LUXEMBOURG

Discover LUXEMBOUG features some of Europe’s most iconic/ historical sites. The City of Luxemboug’s fortifications and historical quarter itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site ( 1994 ). Founded in 963 in the reign of Count Sigefroi, it became a Grand Duchy in 1815, an independent state in 1839, and a European City of Culture in 1995. It is labeled a Parliamentary Democracy under the auspices of a Constitutional Monarchy headed up by the office of the Prime Minister and his cabinet.
Romain Schwartz Accounts Management, Luxembourg’s Dept. of Tourism including the Luxembourg Card. since 1991. Romain also serves as an official Tourist Guide for Luxembourg in light of his thorough knowledge of the different precincts of the country. Well informed and easy to work with. www.visitluxembourg.comromain.schwartz@lft.lu Michaela Weirig Luxembourg City Tour Guide. Previously Manager, Planning Operations, Cargolux Airlines. Presently official Tour Guide, Luxembourg City Tourist Office ( LCTO ) and Regional Manager (ORT ) Guttland, Luxembourg West. Michaela Weirig, Unesco Tours, Luxembourg City/ www. lcto.lu Roland Gaul, Silvia Gaul Pres. & CEO, Gaul’s Legacy Tours., specializing in tour programs to the American Cemetery in Luxembourg, including tour and travel arrangements, hotel/ restaurant bookings, datamation support and a “red carpet” VIP service on request. Formerly affiliated with the American Embassy in Luxembourg, Roland Gaul is the founder, director, of the National Museum of Military History in Diekirch. Silvia Gaul is the founder of Gaul’s Legacy Tours, licensed Tour Manager and Tour Guide. Gaul’s Legacy Tours: office@gauls-legacy-tours.luwww.facebook.com/gaulslegacytours Carole Ewert Manager, Press Relations, Internet & Social Media, Regional Office of EISLEK. Carole provides an in-depth overview of the region of EISLEK including the Castle of Vianden in Vianden, a 9th-10th century medieval monument in the Ardennes and the Eifel, recently restored. carole.ewert@ortal.luwww.visit-eislek.lu Martina Kneip Martina is Director of the European Center in Schengen and the Schengen Museum. She provides on-site tours for groups of 20 or more as well as for schools, colleges and universities. Daily, Nov.-March, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., except 01/11 and 24/12 until 01/01. Opt for a “Schengen Passport”. martina.kneip@schengenasblu.lu/ email: info@schengenasbl.lu Marianne Origer Marianne is Press and Media Relations Manager of the Regional Office of Tourism for the Mullertahal- Petite Suisse”, in Luxembourg, a unique destination of unspoiled forested land and trees, picturesque hiking trails, and rocky outcrops over a wide terrain adjacent to Bergdorf and Echternach. Luxembourg’s oldest town and the “European Destination of Excellence” by the European Commission. www.mullerthal.luwww.mullerthal-trail.luinfo@mullerthal.lu Rodesch Elisabeth Anke is the GSM and Tour Guide at The Family of Man Museum in Clervaux, Luxembourg, a UNESCO World Heritage site, since 2003. The exhibit by noted artists contains over 500 photographs by 273 world-class photographers. The museum rests on three floors and is interactive. 3/1-1/1; 12-6 p.m. Contact anke.reitz@cna.etat.lustrichencollections-cna.lu Nathalie Bonn Pres. & CEO of NB Chocolate House in Luxembourg City’s Old Quarter on the main square. The site is a must find for chockaholics with a variety of special forms to choose from, over 50 in fact. Everything chocolate here. Other locations in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. http:// chocolate-house-bonn.luwww.facebook.com/ChocolateHouseBonn/
A monument in Schengen to the 26 countries that are part of the Schengen Agreement of open borders in Europe Michael with Romain Schwartz our esteemed Visit Luxembourg guide Michaela Weirig, our guide in front of the oldest building in Luxembourg City, a World Heritage site Vineyards along the Mosell River. An Autumn scene of the Petrusse Park in Luxembourg City Susi enjoying a hot chocolate with Nathalie Bonne, owner of the NB Chocolate House in Luxembourg City’s Old Quarter The 10th century Vianden Castle in Eislek, Luxembourg A monument in the Luxembourg American Cemetery saluting the lives lost in WW11 Eurail Service in Europe

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