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Discover MALTA & Valletta, EU’s 2018 Capital City of Culture

Let’sTravelRadio!, March 2018 Valletta, EU’s 2018 Capital City of Culture,is the capital of MALTA, the southernmost capital of Europe and the second southernmost capital of the European Union after Nicosia.It is complimented by unique architectural sites/ UNESCO and is a dynamic in classical antiquity. A number of Megalithic structures, i.e., the Ggantija Temples in Malta are considered the oldest-free standing monuments in the world predating Egypt’s pyramids at Giza by over 1,000 years.The temples of Hagar Quim, Mnajdra and Tarxien are labeled architectural masterpieces. The Hal Saflient Hypogeum, a rock-cut underground complex of burial sites created between 2500 B.C.and...

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