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Discover LUXEMBOURG LUXEMBOURG is a unique destination bordered by France to the South, Belgium to the West, and Germany to the East. By high-speed Eurail it’s only 2 hrs. and 20 from Paris and less than one-hour by air transport. It’s one of the smallest countries in Europe, less then 2,000 square miles and with a population of only 600,000. It’s capital, Luxembourg City has a population is less and 125,000. As a Grand Duchy the country is governed as a Parliamentary Democracy through the auspices of a Constitutional Monarchy headed up by the office of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. Yet the country offers surprising opportunities for Adventure Travelers, for individuals, families and groups large and small. LUXEMBOURG City is a good place to start. It boasts a UNESCO World Heritage site by virtue of its assembly of lush green valleys, meandering rivers and smooth running streams along with a series of bridges, walkways and by-ways.My associate and I counted at least a dozen major places to visit and another dozen or so places within the city walls worth checking out.. These included Petruss Park, described as having ” the most beautiful scene in Europe”. It stands adjacent to Saint Quirin’s chapel, a 14th century facade which is actually cut into rock and the Corniche, ascribed as having the “most beautiful balcony in Europe”, built in the 17th century...

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10/01/2018 Discover MACEDONIA

Discover MACEDONIA presents an ancient settlement in the Baltic peninsula located in Southeast Europe. It’s roots are Thraco-Illyrian. Its capital Skopie is the country’s largest city holding a quarter of the country’s population of 2.3 million. The Republic of Macedonia measures approx. 25,000 sq.mi. The majority of its residents are ethnic Macedonians, a South Slavic people. Once part of Yugoslavia, it became independent in 1991. . Corinna Snyder/ Corinna is an accomplished musician of traditional Balkan music, and has been traveling to Macedonia for the last 10 years to work with the country’s leading musicians and composers. Corinna resides in Brooklyn,...

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Discover Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia,an independent nation since 1991, is a composite of ethnic roots; Roman, Byzantine,Ottoman, with a heavy dose of Serbian, Bulgarian and Greek influences. The people are Slavic. Located in the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe, it is one of the smallest countries on the planet,and one of the poorest, measuring 25,300 sq.mi. Its capital, Skopje holds one-quarter of the nation’s native population of only 2.3 million. The majority of the residents are ethnic Macedonians along with Albanians, Turks, Romani, Serbs, Bulgarians, The region itself dates back to antiquity under the kingdom of Paeonia, a mixed Thraco-Illyrian...

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San Francisco Bay Area-Things to Do & See this Fall

SF’s Bay Area is the place to be this Fall. The weather is perfect, a balmy 60’s,the average,with lots of sunshine; warmer days and cooler evenings. It’s the best time of year to be there.,from early Sept. through late Nov. And getting around there is easy with a day-pass, weekly and/ or monthly pass. Local transit hubs can provide these for you at a discount. The Clipper Card works best is you’re a Senior or Veteran. Dial 877.878.8883 or connect locally with or call 415.227.2600 for more info on where,when you can buy these.( San Francisco Travel Assn. ). Oh,yes, cable cars and trolleys are included. Really a fun way to take in the city sites. Note, SF is a smaller version of NYC,it’s been said. Only 800,000 live here on less than 50 sq.mi. compared to LA, with a population of 4 million, San Diego,1.4 million or San Jose,1 million. It’s decidedly American, with a large mix from every major country on the map, though heavily Asian, 33% and Latino, 15%, with Mexico, the third major group, original settlers over the last 200 years. For visitors, however, it annually records a larger international set. Last year nearly 3 million visited from overseas vs.23 million from all parts of N.A The city, however, has a large tourism budget to accommodate pegged at 9.5 bill.for 2018. Lots to See &...

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07/01/2018 ALBANIA, More To Love

LTR’s July showcast focuses on ALBANIA, the once celebrated Roman province of Illyria. Bordered by the Adriatic and Ionian seas to the west and southwest, to the northeast by Yugoslavia and Greece on the southeast, the country is known for its rugged terrain and independent people. Now a democratic republic after four decades of Communist rule, and with a population of less than 3.5 million people, it is mineral rich with a promising future, and is ripe for tour and travel discovery. Its culture is unique, both Moslem and Christian, where theatre, fashion, music, and food predominate. Angjelina Nika...

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An interview with Mr.and Mrs. Gaul of Gaul’s Legacy Tours in Luxembourg.


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