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Sure, We Can't Afford It. But Let's Dream

 Gina Ciliberto


I’m writing this from a hotel, a Hilton. I’m grateful for the chance to stay here while I gape at Niagara Falls albeit a change of pace for me: I very rarely stay in hotels.

Compared to Airbnb and hostels, which are my preferred, budget-friendly options, this room is a splurge. But. A bathtub in the room? A breakfast buffet downstairs? One could easily get used to this.

My stay here makes me wonder what even nicer hotels are like. I mean the really nice ones. I mean the ones that aren’t slathered in beige wallpaper and beige/brown/otherdarkuglyshade carpet. I mean the ones that replace a tub with a full-on spa. So, I did some research on the costliest luxury hotels in the world. At $1000+ per night, these are far out of my budget and they probably always will be. But, hey, a girl can dream.

You can, too.

These Are (Some of) the World's Most

Expensive Hotel Rooms

Maybe not the most expensive. We searched based on one night, two adults, no children, no pets, low season. And we included only one-bedroom options without kitchens, all over $1000/night (USD).

So, maybe not the most expensive. But, no doubt, they sure are luxe.

1. Art DΓ©co Suite
Baglioni Hotel Carlton, Milan

The Art DΓ©co Suite features authentic period furniture of the β€˜30s and large windows overlooking the heart of metropolitan Milan. Amenities include a daily buffet breakfast, unpacking and packing service, pressing of up to 2 garments per stay, and welcome amenities in suite upon arrival. Rates start at $1,255/night.



2. Park Studio
The Mark, New York City

Offering views of both gardens and the glittering city, the Park Studio can be yours for $1,550/night. With furnishings of ebony, sycamore and nickel, fine Italian linens and bedding by Quagliotti and a king-size bed, a Park Studio is the ultimate Manhattan pied-a-terre in a luxury hotel that calls itself "New York's most boldly lavish hotel."



3. Ocean Spa Suite
The Emiliano, Rio de Janeiro

A combination of a spa experience and comfortable lodging, the Ocean Spa Suite runs at $2130/night. An ocean view a private sauna, a Japonese washlet and bidet, and a personal massage room are primped and prepared by the spa team who prepares treatment, special baths, and massages as guest enjoy the privacy of the suite.



4. Panoramic one-bedroom suite
Jumeirah, Dubai 

With two levels of floor-to-ceiling windows offering 180-degree views overlooking the ever-changing panorama of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, the one bedroom Panoramic Suite might actually be worth $2315/night.

You’ll get β€œthe world’s largest brigade of butlers,” available 24 hours, in-suite check-in and check-out, upstairs and downstairs personalized private bars, the private Burj Al Arab beach, and daily breakfast buffet for two in Junsui or Bab Al Yam or, alternatively, in the privacy of your suite. There’s also a separate guest restroom on the lower level of the suite, because why not?



5. Deluxe Tent
Four Seasons, Golden Triangle Thailand
In the Golden Triangle, Thailand, $2,697/night won't even get you walls. But it will buy you a tent with views of the Ruak River, Burma and the mountains of Laos, or panoramas of the lush jungle and Golden Triangle, a custom-made private wooden hot tub, and elephant-tusk-styled door handles that open into a 581 sq. ft. living area. Tents are named after local hill tribes, fauna, and flora and are uniquely decorated in an individual colour scheme with coordinated furnishings.



6. One Bedroom Beachfront Suite
The Resort at Pedegral, Cabo San Lucas

This $2,950/night One Bedroom Beachfront Suite features a king size bed, pool, fire pit, lounge chairs, and living area just steps away from the ocean. You'll also get an infinity edge plunge pool with a romantic fire pit on a cozy terrace with beach access. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted with a welcome margarita and a welcome bottle of Tequila. Every afternoon brings daily afternoon amenities.



7. Coburg Suite
Palais Coburg Residenz, Vienna

At $3,163 per night, this room includes a complimentary bottle of champagne, complimentary breakfast, a minibar, a jacuzzi, and views of the Palais Garden and City Park. Perhaps best of all, Palais Coburg promises guests "the highest possible degree of individuality and service."



8. Crown Suite With Lake View 
Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

 At $3,430/night, the Crown Suite boasts Panoramic views of Mont Blanc and LΓ©man Lake. As the website reads: β€œa rich palette of dark chocolate and purple tones infuses each space, where contemporary furnishings and sleek interiors are softened by warm velvet and satin textiles.”

You’ll also get complimentary fresh fruits, sweets, a personalized gift, and a bottle of champagne, which you can enjoy in your whirlpool tub in front of the mirror-embedded television.



9. Knightsbridge Suite

For $4,127/night, you too can enjoy expansive views over Knightsbridge towards Hyde Park from an 86 sq meter suite with detailed woodwork and majestic black marble bathrooms. "The subtle nautical design cues give guests the feeling that they are in their own stateroom on a luxurious yacht, albeit a yacht moored in the heart of London," the website reads. Round the clock private butler service and a separate living and dining area "define" the Knightsbridge Suite experience.



10. Penthouse B&B
The Silo Hotel, Cape Town

At $6,397/night, this one-bedroom penthouse is the jewel in The Royal Portfolio crown. The individually designed penthouse is located on the top floor of the Silo facing Table Mountain with triple aspect views of Cape Town and a private balcony. Perhaps the hotel itself is the best part: the Silo is a small, family-owned hotel that occupies six floors above Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa), which houses Africa’s largest collection of contemporary African art. As the website reads, "by night, this building transforms into a glowing beacon in the Table Bay harbour."



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