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Author: Michael Zufolo, Producer/Co-Host of Let's Travel! Radio


LTR!’s October showcase, DISCOVER HUNGARY references one of Europe’s oldest yet most battled countries in Europe. Conquered by the Magyars under Arpad in 895 AD, a tribal people from the Ural Mountains in Asia, then united by King Stephen I in 1000, who, like Emperor Constantine in the West, ordained Catholicism as the official religion of its people. It was invaded by the Mongols in 1241, fortified by King Bela, then divided again by the Turks in three parts 1526 under Hapsburg rule, the country fell to the Austro-Hungarian empire in the 19th century only to be partitioned by the Nazi regime in 1941-43. It survived the Cold War and the Communist dictatorship that followed, finally achieving independence in 1989 with Budapest as its nation’s capital encompassing 23 districts.It became a member of NATO in 1999 and joined the European Union in 2004. HUNGARY is the second smallest country in Europe, less than 60,000 square miles, and the second smallest monarchy in Europe after Liechenstein. Its population is under 10,000,000. The government is now a Parliamentary Republic. In 2012 the country produced a constitution patterned after the principals of democracy, freedom of expression, and law & order. Viktor Orban is Prime Minister and the president is Jan Adar. The country boasts the 57th largest economy in the world. It publishes over 40 newspaper and magazines. In 2018 there will...

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BOSTON REVISITED. LTR!‘s August showcase pegs The City of Boston as a unique destination for Tour & Travel. It’s where the country first started! Our 5-day journey enabled Susi Raphael, our Executive Producer and I to re-discover the city’s famous outposts. Our itinerary took us by subway, the MBTA, the country’s first public transit line from 1897, aka Green Line, to Fenway Park, the country’s oldest original ballpark and the home of the legendary Boston Red Socks, to the Boston Public Library, the country’s first publicly sponsored library opened for public general use, to the Isabelle Stuart Gardner Museum, Boston’s only Venetian Palazzo and the site of so many world-class exhibitions, then to The Boston Commons, the first public park in the nation, to the Old North Church in the North End where the signal that triggered the War of Independence was first given, and to Harvard Yard, across the Charles River in the City Of Cambridge, the nation’s oldest center for higher learning ( enclosed within an incredible number of gates, 87) , then back to the City of Boston,for a more leisurely pace, to find some respite over dinner and some ice-cold beer on this, one of the hottest days of the year here.We opted for the oldest continuously-owned family restaurant, Durgin Park, with its popular Yankee style of home-cooking where I capped off  a nicely brazed Boston cut of sirloin...

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07/01/2017 Discover HAITI

Discover HAITI, offers an interesting sidebar to second most populous country in the Caribbean at 10.6 million. It was the first European settlement in the Americas and the first country to declare Independence in the region in 1804, and second only to the U.S. in 1776. It’s capital is Porte-of-Prince and its roots are African, Spanish and French. As a dynamic, HAITI’s outpour in the arts is unequaled in that part of the world. Sabine Blaizin Educator, Producer/ Director, Social Activist, Sabine is the voice of BROOKLYN MECCA, aka Grassroots Dance Culture, monthly showcase of sound, music and dance,...

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Discover HAITI- July showcase

DISCOVER HAITI July HAITI is located in the province of Hispaniola along with its next door neighbor, the Dominican Republic. With over 10 million residents in an island larger than the state of Maryland by a fraction and measuring more than 10,000 square miles, HAITI is a special place for Adventure Travelers, Foodies, fun loving Music & Dance aficionados. Art Collectors and Shoppers, and for anyone who enjoys visiting historical sites, magnificent scenery, unique cuisine and more. Major U.S. carriers fly there. From New York’s JFK you can choose from JetBlue, Delta, American, even Air France. From LGA you have a choice. Spirit Airlines is one. And if your cruise minded there’s Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines. And yes, there are B&B type lodgings in HAITI, all reasonably priced. There are also a plethora of private homes and residence if you’re game. For more on this go to the HAITIAN tourist office near you or try : HAITI was the first European settlement in the Americas initiated by Christopher Columbus in his first voyage to the new world in 1492, naming it La Navidad after one of his early shipwrecks to the island. HAITI was also the first country to abolish slavery in the Caribbean and the first country to declare independence from its overseer, France, in 1804. Through thick and thin the country has survived to produce world class...

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05/01/2017 Celebrate GREECE

MANOS ANGELAKIS Managing Editor, LuxuryWeb Magazine; The Epoch Times NYC area based, Manos is a certified Tuscan Wine Master and an expert on Greek, Catalan and Chilean wines. He’s also a Senior Food & Wine writer and an accomplished travel writer, editor and author. e-mail: Website: John Klados Vice President, Sales & Marketing, HOMERIC TOURS, Inc. e-mail: Prof. James DeMetro Festival Dir., NEW YORK GREEK FILM FESTIVAL and Dir., Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce e-mail: Arturo Cortes General Manager, AVRA Restaurant, NYC fx: 212-751.0894 Louis Katsos Pres. & Founder, EMBCA; Pres.,AMERICAN HELLENIC...

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The Blue Dahlia at Chelsea Market in NYC


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