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The Netherlands

The Netherlands & Leeuwarden-Friesland, EU’s City of Culture, 2018 The Netherlands, made up of 12 provinces, together with three islands in the Caribbean, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, is an interesting dynamic. In size it measures barely 16,000 square miles and is part of Continental Europe, bordered by Germany to the east and Belgium to the south and the North Sea to the west. The government is defined as a constitutional monarchy anchored by a democratic parliament, with King Willenm-Alexander as its head.The population is less than 20 million but claims a number of world class museums in particular in the city of Amsterdam, the country’s capital, a product of their Golden Age.  There’s the Rijksmuseum with over 8,000 works of art; the Van Gogh Museum, with 200 paintings of the artist, along with 400 of his drawings, and 700 letters; the Ann Frank House Museum: the Rembrant House, and the Resistance Museum. The city has a bounty of canals and offers barge tours,bike tours, market tours daily and beer! It’s the world capital of Heineken Beer and the Heineken Experience. At kiosks you can get the I Amsterdam City Card which allows you to visit a bevy of attractions, free-of- charge, shopping discounts and free public transport. Look around you. You’ll see Cycling everywhere. It’s a national sport here, for leisure, work and exercise. Enjoy a stroll through The Vondelpark, the city’s largest...

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03/01/2018 Discover MALTA & Valletta, EU’s City of Culture, 2018

Our March showcase corners MALTA, the historic center of the Mediterranean basin and Valletta, its capital is the 2018 City of Culture. It is the southernmost capital in Europe and the second southernmost capital of the European Union after Nicosia. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site with incredible structures that predate the pyramids of Egypt by over 1,000 years. The country’s population is less than 500,000 but has a prestigious claim to world history, geography, and the arts. Christopher Hyland Hon. Consul of the Republic of MALTA and a Knight of Malta. Christopher has enjoyed a varied...

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02/01/2018 KLEZMER Music & Dance

KLEZMER, music is a unique blend of musical influences from different parts of Europe, South Eastern, North Central, in particular, and originating in modern day Israel, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, even Spain. According to the KLEZMATICS, a Grammy award winning “Jewish Roots band” the music is spirited, engaging and robust. And you can dance to it! Traditional instruments include the piano, flute, brass, clarinet, cello, violin, guitar, and drum. KLEZMER music/ and dance currently have a world-wide revival. The lady on the left is Gaby Sappington, Exec.Dir., WORLD MUSIC FOUNDATION Next to her is Susi and...

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KLEZMER Music & Dance

KLEZMER Music & Dance Music&Dance from parts of Europe( Eastern, Central ). Originally folkloric from a number of countries including present day Israel, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, even Spain, the music is passionate, spirited, robust, even political. It has recently been revived by leading musical groups in the U.S. and Europe. In January, the Grammy award winning band, the Klezmatics, often referred to as the original ” Jewish Roots” band ( 11 albums, an award winning documentary ), performed  at NYC’s Town Hall, sponsored by the Eldridge Street Synagogue and presented by The World Music Institute, an organization located in NYC, now in its 30th year, and who’s design is to present major international groups in music and dance to NYC audiences at all levels and at various locations including Symphony Space, Lincoln Center, the Apollo Theater, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, et. al. In 2019 the WMI plans to present more than 40 programs from artists from 28 countries and five continents. For more go to their site: In addition the prominent Center for Traditional Music & Dance will also make available a number of concerts devoted primarily to immigrant groups from the NYC area at various NYC locations. Their annual Heritage Sunday Festival in August at the Lincoln Center Out-of-Door pavilion in Damrosch Park is a popular venue. The music is folkloric...

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12/01/17 – Holiday Table

Make a Joyful Noise. Sing-along with Susi and her guests as they celebrate the holidays of the Three Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Guests – Our thanks to the following individuals who helped make this show a winning combination for us: Dr. Hanna Griff-Steven Dr. Hanna Griff-Steven is the director of culture programs at the Museum at Eldridge Street, where she conceives and administers all public programs including such new programs as: The Triangle Fire 100th Year Tribute, Lost & Found Music series, the egg rolls and egg...

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Survive and Thrive Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp (

October 26-28, 2018
Malibu, California

Survive and Thrive Today is a community that supports entrepreneurs through action, shared resources, information, connections and opportunities to assist them as they strive for success. Different from other conferences, the Survive and Thrive Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp encourages entrepreneurs to replace their sports jackets and dress shoes with t-shirts and sneakers for a weekend of work, connections and adventure with influential and successful business leaders, accredited investors, and future leaders. It’s an intimate (only 300 people) 3-day immersive event where entrepreneurs can get the knowledge they seek, the resources they lack and the partnerships they need, to create a winning formula to elevate their game for peak success.

The Blue Dahlia at Chelsea Market in NYC


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